Mr. Richard Audette Jr.

Just over eight years ago I started my own business with 40 years of experience in the Tooling/Molding trade.  I have worked in many areas of manufacturing; developing different products from, military insignia to medical devices.  My intention is to support a small group of manufacturing companies, with the need for tools, molds, machine parts, or any type of fixture or repair of existing equipment.  Most of the business that I currently do has been a result of year long relationships in the industry and through company referrals, which are greatly appreciated.

Here at Ace Machine & Tool, we specialize in small custom, precision parts and assemblies to offer our customers a source from project start; through full production.  For injection molded parts, we are capable of tooling and producing low volume production economically for customers who initially need precise molded parts for their projects.

I have worked in several tool rooms in my 40 years in the business, but none as quality or efficiently operated as the shop in Middleboro, MA.  In the new spacious building that includes general machine shop equipment, we also feature a couple millers, grinders, lathes, and a new state of the art EDM machine.

I have worked closely with many manufacturing and design engineers over the years.  Today, I still work with those individuals and their current employers.  I have also spent plenty of time on production floors where everything is made.  I’ve spent time on the floor in both an operational roll and supervising position.  I believe working both positions has helped me to become more well rounded in the tool making community.

Though the majority of my time feels like it is spent in the shop, when I’m not working I enjoy spending time with my wife, Donna and two boys, Craig & Wayne.  Some of my hobbies include billiards, baseball, tennis, darts, swimming, basketball, corvettes, and a good BBQ.  I’m an avid Boston Sports fan and have been my entire life.  We’ve been lucky over the past ten years to have some pretty good teams around the New England area.

Thank you for your interest and I would appreciate the opportunity to quote on any tooling needs you may require in the near future.  If you’ve got a quote or question, just email me at or call me direct at (508) 947-6908.


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